Repair Windows updates using Windows repair Tool

Windows repair Tool from is an excellent tool to repair Windows components if they are not working.It can repair nearly all components of the Windows OS the famous ones being:
  • Firewall
  • Windows updates
  • Metro apps
  • Icons
  • Networks etc
We are concerned here with Windows updates only, the repair steps for others are also same.
Download this from here:
Then Run the Tool, directly go to repairs tab:

Click the open Repairs button on the bottom right.Make sure registry backup is checked.
Now in the Repair window, uncheck all of the checkboxes as the check boxes ticked will be repaired.
We would just repair Windows updates.To do this, check the box Repair Windows updates(17), attempt the repair, using start repair button as shown on bottom right.
Then, The process would take bit long depending on your system.After the process finishes it would prompt you for a restart.After this check if the tool works.
Please note that  numbers can be different in the newer version i.e. it could be numbered something else so take caution.See the check boxes with the name, not by the number.
That is it :)
All about Redstone-The next major upgrade to windows

All about Redstone-The next major upgrade to windows

As Windows 10 follows Service model, where rather then waiting for a new OS after every 2 or 3 years, patches after some months are released which brings significant changes to the Operating system.
The November upgrade to windows 10 was the first example of this, where the version number was changed to 1511 and build number was upgraded to 10586 from the older 10240 respectively.
Now, in continuation with this, the next Major upgrade to Windows 10 is expected this July which would be a more bigger upgrade than the November update, which is coded internally as Redstone.
Features Expected:

  • Extensions for the Edge Browser:A modern browser should mus have support for extensions, which Edge has not currently.However, seems like Extensions would arrive for Edge in the next Major upgrade.
  • Floating Cortana:This floating mechanism would allow Cortana to appear on top of documents, contextually, and provide information and assistance.
  • Onedrive Placeholders:This was a very handy feature in Windows 8.1 but was dropped in Final version of Windows 10.It helps us to make the Onedrive Files making available offline or online only.Now the files cannot be stopped from downloading to the computer.
  • Action center improvements:The Action center would also provide widget like functionality.
The Redstone build was available to Insiders who are on a fast ring.The build number is 11082.
This is it, I would update this as soon as more info becomes available.
Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

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