Reset Windows update in Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows

Windows update is an important component of Windows.By Windows updates one can get:
  • New drivers for the hardware devices installed in the computer 
  • security patches 
  • known bugs fixed 
  • Major updates and upgrades.
Sometimes windows updates doesn't work as you want it. Most common issues include failure with an error code, reverting back of the updates after installation(see here). This article discusses resetting the Windows update completely using a reset script. Generally, resetting Windows updates fixes these kind of issues.

The script does the following things:
  • Removes the older Windows update Folders, where the updates are downloaded.Newer ones are created automatically. 
  • Re-registers the Windows update Files.
  • Resets your network connection and BITS service.
Instructions for usage:

1.Download the Script into your computer(Link in the end)

2.At the location where it is saved, Right click and select Extract.1

3.After the extract is complete, you will see a WuReset.bat named File in the new windows that opens.
4.Right click WuReset.bat named file and select Run as administrator.e26be76c-f853-4be1-8500-a8be39423568
5.Wait for the “Task completed successfully” message in the command Prompt Window.
6.Restart your computer and check for the updates again.

Download the Reset Script

For Users running Windows 10 build 10240 and later:
For users running Windows 7,8.0 or 8.1:

This script deletes your update history

This script might delete your update history, but not your Installed updates.

Is the script safe?

Yes, the script is absolutely safe to use. The code is created with the help of Shawn Brink, who is awarded award by Microsoft. You can look into the source by right clicking the bat file and selecting edit.
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