Here is how to download Windows 10 14316 ISO files

Earlier this week Microsoft released Windows 10 14316 to PC Flight which brought wide new features:
  • Natively run Bash on Ubuntu in Windows: To do this, first turn on "Developer Mode" from "Settings -> Update & security -> For developers". Then search for "Windows Features" and choose "Turn Windows features on or off" and enable "Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)". To get Bash installed, open Command Prompt and type bash.
  • New Dark Theme addition in "Settings -> Personalization -> Colors". 
  • New option to show colors on titlebars only in "Settings -> Personalization -> Colors". 
  • Using the new Connect app, you can bring the Continuum experience from your phone to PC without needing a dock or Miracast adapter. (a Continuum-enabled Windows 10 phone is required)
  • Cortana on your PC will now inform you of low battery power on your mobile phone.
  • You can now ask Cortana to find your phone, regardless of device, on your PC using the new find my phone feature.
  • You can now share map directions across devices through Cortana.
  • If you are facing problem in getting Cortana enabled on your PC, it'll automatically download the necessary speech language, if needed, and enable Cortana for you.
  • NewExtensions for Microsoft Edge: Click on "More" (...) at the top right in Microsoft Edge 
  • New Skype UWP Preview app
  • Improvements to Action Center-Combined Notifications
  • Improvements to Virtual Desktop-Item pinning so that a window pinned appears on each desktop.
  • Improvements to Battery Settings-Apps using battery is shown too.
  • Improvements to Windows Update settings-Now we can set time to install Windows updates
  • New progress experience for installing Windows updates-a cleaner look.
  • Updated Windows Update notification after updates have been installed so now clicking on the notification will take you straight to your update history.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi flyout UI.
  • Ability to comment on feedback inside the Feedback Hub.
  • Updated Emoji.

As ISO's of fast ring are not provided by Microsoft officially, but you can convert your Installation media file-called .ESD file to an ISO format using a software.

OPTION #1-Download ESD and decryptor

Prominent hacker WZOR has already put up the links of ESD's on his website:
  2. Download decryptor from here
Convert ESD into an ISO and run an Inplace upgrade/clean Install to get to 14316.

The advantage of this method is that ESD is somewhat less size than the ISO.Typically less around ~400 MB

OPTION #2-Directly Download ISO from mega

Other Languages ISO can be found on Pastebin

In additon if you want to download Language Packs,here is a pastebin for that .
Queries?Post in comment section.

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