Microsoft releases roll-up package for windows 7 that contains all post Service pack 1 updates

Windows 7 is a 7 year old OS and thus the number of updates you have to Install is quite large and is tiresome concept.People are also reporting that Windows updates take an overnight to find the updates after a fresh Install.The reason is simple-they are prioritizing windows 10 now.
But here is a good news for windows 7 and windows Server 2008 users.Microsoft has released a roll-up package that contains all the post released updates after windows 7 SP1.So if you want to skip installing updates for windows 7 using windows updates,download the update package and Install it.Your computer would be up-to-date.
However,the requisite for this update is Service Pack 1 should be installed first.Then you can install this roll-up package.


1.This update has post SP1 updates so first of all you need to have SP1 installed in windows 7 machine.You can check Service pack 1 is installed using Properties of this PC.It should mention 
Windows 7 service pack 1.Download Service Pack 1 from here:
2.This update also requires a servicing stack update.Download it here:

Rollup Package download links

Rollup Package for Windows 7  64-bit (x64)
The X64 edition is for 64 bit OS and the first one is for 32 bit.
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