Do a little effort now to get Windows 10 upgrade for free after the free offer ends

With the introduction to windows 10 last summer,Microsoft provided Windows 10 for free to Windows 7 and 8 running devices for 1 year.The idea was simple-they want to make windows 10 run on one billion devices.
But now as there is only less than 50 days left when the free upgrade offer ends,the people which want to shift to Windows 10 should do the upgrade now.Unfortunately,some are in dilemma right now.
So I will discuss a method now which allows you to get Windows 10 for free even after the free upgrade offer ends.It is perfectly legal but requires a little effort from you.
The catch is that when you upgrade to Windows 10,your existing license becomes a dual Windows 10 and Windows 7/8.X license and either one of them can be installed once you do a clean Install.Windows 10 is activated through digital entitlement and the other one is activated through a license key.So you need to upgrade to windows 10 first and then restore your earlier version of Windows.
So here are the steps:

Create a system image of your existing OS

A system image is an exact copy of your system running at the time when it is created and  beautiful way of restoring your windows whenever you want.A system image carries all your data of the drives+also preserves activation.
To create a system Image in Windows:

  • open control panel and then navigate to Backup and Restore.
  • Click Create system Image on the left pane.
  • Select the drive where the Image is to be saved.It can either be the same Hard drive or an external drive:
  • Now click on next.
  • Now windows would automatically select the drives for the image.Click on Next:
  • Click on start Backup.

Upgrade to windows 10

When the backup is finished,the next step is to upgrade to Windows 10.For this,Download the media creation tool and select upgrade to Windows 10,as shown:
Then select upgrade This PC.

When you have finished the upgrade,confirm that you have digital entitlement in Activation.For that go to Settings>Update and security>Activation and see.

Rollback to Earlier version of Windows

To get your Earlier version of Windows back,Either do a rollback or restore the system Image we created Earlier.
Rollback using the built in facility provided: you want to use Windows 10's built in feature to rollback,use the following steps:
  • Navigate to Settings app
  • Open Update and security
  • On the left pane,click recovery.
  • Click Get started under Go back to Windows 7/8
The built in rollback feature is somewhat less reliable and people often face problems afterwards in the earlier Windows version.

Restore the system Image:To restore the system Image we created Earlier,use the following guide:
  • Open the recovery tab from settings as explained above.
  • Under Advanced startup,click Restart now.
  • Then a blue screen would open somewhat like this:
  • Click on troubleshoot and then Click Adanced options>System Image recovery
  • Then select the system image and restore.
  • Your old Windows would be restored.
That's it.You can successfully upgrade to windows 10 in future for free.
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