[TIP]Make windows 10 login to the user account automatically when there is only one user account

With Windows 8,Microsoft Introduced a feature to login to your Windows using your Microsoft Account.The user needed to register the same when you installed your Windows for the first time.
A Windows with a Microsoft account brings many advantages like getting modern apps from store,more security etc.
However,with the same the user needs to enter his Microsoft account credentials every time he/she logs in.When the password is big enough,it may cause headache.
If you are the only user of computer,than this article should increase your ease.By the following steps,windows would automatically login to your user account eliminating the need of a password.

Here's how to

  1. Open Run dialog box by Pressing Win key+R simalaneously.
  2. Type in control userpasswords2 in the run dialog box.
  3. Uncheck "users must enter a username and password while entering this computer"
  4. Click OK and restart.
Now windows would automatically login to your account and boot to your desktop.However,this might cause a bit insecurity to your PC especially if the PC is used by someone else to and you do not want to give access to a specific person.

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