Windows 10 Insider preview build 14367 now available to Insiders in the fast ring

For the first time in history of Windows experience program a new build within a week has been introduced by Microsoft,the build number being incremented to 1 in this-14367.
The build is made available for both PC and mobile.
No big new features are there in this build,but a large number of fixes and improvements are there.

What's new

  • New keyboard shortcut for feedback hub-Windows+F
  • New 23 languages for handwriting support
  • A new tool to clean Install Windows easily.

What's fixed

  • Improved speed of cross device notifications.
  • fixed an Issue with emojis being displayed as a squarein cross device notifications.
  • Project cenentinnal now works-but a newer version is required to use it.Download it from here.
  • Action center improvements-the quick tiles have a on/off transient indicator to tell the same.Also an issue is fixed where action center was not being displayed till the toast was cleared.
  • Cortana results fix-when typing "typo" and "connect" relevant results are displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where PowerShell shortcuts pinned to the taskbar could only create one functional window - subsequent windows generated from the pinned icon would not accept input.
  • New Update and security+Recovery icons in the settings app.
  • Fixed an issue where start was not showing office apps in Mostly used list.
  • Fixed an issue when explorer was crashing when open command window here is clicked.
  • fixed an issue where each newly opened notes in Sticky Notes would flash white and black after a certain number of notes had already been created.
  • Fixed an issue where saying “Hey Cortana” would launch Cortana behind Windows Ink Workspace.
You can read more at Windows experience blog.

The build would be as always,available via windows update.

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