Windows 10 build 14393 now available for release preview ring!

With Microsoft releasing build 14393 to fast ringSlow ring and subsequent cumulative updates to both the rings as well, it was widely predicted that 14393 could be the build releasing for General availability called the Anniversary update. So in continuation, The software giant has made available the 14393 build to release preview ring, signalling the completion of RS1 builds just days before the global rollout which is August 2.
An item on feedback hub/Insider hub explains the same, and here is a screenshot:

The release preview ring is stated by Microsoft as
Best for Insiders who want early  access to new features in the current branch with minimal risk and issues.

So, the ones on RP ring , go ahead and enjoy new features before the global rollout!
Windows 10  build 14894 spotted signalling the start of Redstone 2 for PC and Mobile

Windows 10 build 14894 spotted signalling the start of Redstone 2 for PC and Mobile

Microsoft has finished developing redstone 1, the second major update to windows 10 and which would be released to public on August 2 as told in a blog post by the software giant some days ago.Now in continuing the development of Windows 10,it appears that Microsoft has already begun the work on its nextrevision, known only as Redstone 2. The same is expected to arrive in early 2017, with the surface phone though nothing is fully confirmed yet.

This build was spotted by Buildfeed, which tracks internal builds. The current Redstone 1 build is 14393, with a revision of .5, and the company seems set on releasing this to the public, making 14894 the next major build after Redstone 1 is released. I assume that there are no big changes in 14894, because when the labs change(14894 is from rs_prerelease lab which is different from rs1) the developers focus on optimizing the internal core of  OS.

We will keep you informed about any news which follows.

Cortana cannot be disabled on Windows 10, but In-fact in can be

Cortana is one of the popular features of windows 10, Microsoft names it as the most modern and efficient digital personal assistant shipped with Windows.
In Windows 10, Cortana is present on the search bar of the taskbar and the current RTM build allows you to switch Cortana on/off. When Cortana is off, then it doesn't track your search habits, responds to the voice commands etc etc.
But with the Anniversary update being released this August of 2nd, Microsoft has removed the ability to turn off Cortana. As a consequence, It would automatically record your search habits and everything you interact with it and if your MS account is linked with it, it would save it to your account.Microsoft told PC world that
Customers can expect the same great search experience powered by Bing and Microsoft Edge with the added benefit of Cortana’s personality.
As Windows 10 updates are automatic, Anniversary update would be installed in your systems by default as soon as it is made available, so skipping the update isn't an option. However there still exists a tip which you can use to disable the Cortana. Follow the steps when you have Anniversary update Installed:

  • Navigate to settings app
  • Click on system and then on the left click Speech, Inking and typing.
  • On the left, click Stop getting to know me as shown:
  • This would make sure that Cortana cannot save your searches etc.
The next step you need which is optional is to hide the search box if you want:
  • Right click the Taskbar and select settings.
  • Select Hidden in Cortana menu.
Disabling however has some disadvantages as well(you cannot use cortana up to that extent!) but still who do not want to pipe their data to Redmond servers can do this for sure.

Windows 10 upgrade offer ends today

Windows 10 upgrade offer ends today

It is an year since windows 10 launched on July 29th, 2015. The software giant has offered its latest OS to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users as a free upgrade for the past year, but that offer is about to run out.As today is 29th of July, you have only a day to upgrade(Hawaii time 12 AM) and after that MS would start charging for Windows 10 upgrade.
As far as GWX is concerned, it would be taken away after an update scheduled on Patch Tuesday:

Microsoft to remove Get Windows 10 app after the free upgrade offer ends

And for the ones preparing for the last minute upgrades,
Just select upgrade this PC option.
I would recommend backing up the data first. Go ahead and good luck! 
New cumulative update for Windows 10 14393 now available

New cumulative update for Windows 10 14393 now available

 A blog post couple of days ago linked here, informed releasing of first cumulative update for Windows 10, that was released on Friday.Yesterday, Microsoft has released second cumulative build yesterday and here is what is posted on feedback hub:
We have released a Cumulative Update (KB3176927) to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14393 on PCs and Mobile devices which will bring the build number to 14393.5. This Cumulative Update includes a handful of fixes:
  • We have improved reliability and performance of Microsoft Edge with AdBlock and LastPass extensions enabled. These extensions should continue to work after installing other extension updates from the Store.
  • We fixed an issue causing battery to drain due to runaway CPU processes while a device is idle. We also fixed a battery life issue due to the proximity sensor always running on some devices.
  • We fixed an issue causing Store apps to stop launching due to a licensing issue.
  • We have fixed an issue that results in Windows Updates being delayed on systems with Connected Standby.
  • We fixed an issue where the Korean IME would not have the correct composition on some custom TSF3 edit controls on PC.
  • We fixed an issue where you might not be able to type in text into Search or some Store apps without having to restart the process.
  • We have fixed an issue where keyboard input on some Windows tablet devices would not rotate to landscape normally.

You can head over to Support page to get more details.You can use the following direct links as well:

Direct links

x64: x86:

Subsequent cumulative updates hint that this is an RTM build released for GA as Anniversary update, but we expect more details soon. 
First cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607 now available

First cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607 now available

Last month, Microsoft announced that they would start rolling out Anniversary update to Windows 10 on 2nd of August, that is bringing wide number of new features to Windows 10.Microsoft released Build 14393 last week to both slow and fast rings that shipped with more fixes, without any new features.
It is speculated that 14393 would be the build that would be released for general availability to non Insiders(also called RTM build) as Microsoft has released a cumulative update to the build that increases the build number in decimals by 3 i.e. the build number is 14393.3.In not incrementing the build number, it signals that this build would be RTM and would be updated continiously through cumulative updates.

Here is the change-log posted by Microsoft on their support website:

  • An issue where keyboard input on some Windows tablet devices would not rotate to landscape normally.
  • An issue that resulted in Windows Updates being delayed on systems with Connected Standby.
  • A problem with text input with Korean Input Method Editor (IME) in some Store apps
  • An issue causing Store apps to stop launching due to a licensing issue
  • An issue with apps that synchronize using DDE for inter-process communication.

The KB number of this update is KB31176925,however the feedback hub contains more information regarding it.

Get Windows 10 app revised,now shows a countdown for the free upgrade offer

Most of the windows 7 and 8 users are familiar with Get Windows 10 app,which facilitates downloading and installation of Windows 10 in the computers.Microsoft has revised it countless times, and as usual Microsoft has revised it again.
This time a counter has been added in Get Windows 10 app,which counts 29th July midnight.

Microsoft wants to upgrade as much systems as they could before deadline.They made windows 10 a recommended update in February and it lead to unwanted upgrade of thousands of computers(who had the recommended update box checked)

This may seem as last days of Get windows 10 app as Microsoft has said that they would automatically remove get windows 10 app after 29th.
Windows 10 Insider preview build 14393 now available for fast ring Insiders

Windows 10 Insider preview build 14393 now available for fast ring Insiders

This article is updated whenever a newer build of Windows 10 is made available to fast  ring Insiders

A new PC build has been released by Microsoft for Windows Insiders who have opted fast ring.The build number has been incremented to 14393.No new features,because anniversary update is nearing RTM.Here is a more detailed change log:

Improvements and fixes

  • Improved the reliability of Start, Cortana, and Action Center.
  • iPods would be mounted as USB mass storage devices.

Known Issues

  • Surface Books and Surface Pro 4’s may bugcheck (bluescreen) due to a camera driver issue. An updated driver will roll-out via Windows Update soon that will fix this.

Read more at Windows experience blog.

As usual this build would be available via Windows update.Head over to Windows update to get this build!

Enpass extension now available for Microsoft Edge for Insider preview builds

Enpass extension now available for Microsoft Edge for Insider preview builds

Enpass, a popular password manager has introduced an extension for Microsoft Edge(courtesy Windows Central).The company said that they were working for an extension some months back,but now for Windows insiders,the extension is available.
To get the extension running on Microsoft’s new browser, users will first have to install Enpass Beta version 5.2.2 on their desktop, which brings improvements and fixes such as Auto-fill support for all items.You need to go to the following page: Enpass Extension manager.They have posted the changelog as described:

  • Added Enpass extension support for Microsoft Edge (Beta) and Vivaldi browser. If you are already using Vivaldi browser with browser verification disabled, please enable the verification.
  • Added import from Intel True key password manager.
  • Diceware in Password generator – The improved password generator now uses Diceware algorithm to generate beautiful, more pronounceable yet strong passwords with more options to include digits and symbols.
  • TOTP support for all categories except Secure Notes.
  • Auto-fill support for all items –  Along with logins, now you can auto-fill all types of items having a valid URL, username and password on login pages.
  • Now you can use defined shortcut keys to copy username, password or to launch the url, from selected item in Enpass Extension (Helper).
  • Added support to manually define scaling factor for high DPI monitors. (Windows only)
  • Added password length indicator on Edit page.
  • Improvements in importing data from Roboform and Keepass.
  • Improved Tray icon handler: Single click on tray icon will open Extension windows, while double click will open the main Enpass app.
  • Fixes:
  • Optimized memory usage of Enpass, where some users reported that it was consuming high memory comparatively.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘update’ button in browser extension was getting disabled, while changing a password on website.
  • Fixed following issues in syncing after the system woke up from sleep mode (Mac and Windows only)
  • Progress wheel keep rotating while sync operation.
  • Sometimes the username of cloud service was not displayed.
  • Fixed following issues in syncing after the system woke up from sleep mode (Linux only)
  • High CPU usage while syncing.
  • Progress wheel keep rotating while sync operation.
  • Sometimes the username of cloud service was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where browser window focus was lost as soon as Enpass extension goes away. (Mac only)
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Head over to the download link above to get Enpass extension,Windows Insiders! 

New cumulative and security updates for Windows 10 available now

It's Patch Tuesday and MS is back with the cumulative updates to Windows 10.Microsoft has released KB3172985 for Windows 10 version 1511 and KB3163912 for Windows 10 released in July 2015.The cumulative update for 1511 brings build number to 10586.494 and for Windows 10 to 10240.17024

What's new/fixed in Windows 10 version 1511

This update includes quality improvements and security fixes. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update. Key changes include:
  • Improved reliability of Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer 11, Windows Explorer, Miracast, and Windows kernel.
  • Fixed issue with some people seeing a black screen instead of the lock screen when resuming from connected standby.
  • Fixed issue with DirectAccess where the Disconnect button appears in some cases when the connection isn't fully established.
  • Fixed issue where local user accounts weren't locked after a number of failed sign in attempts.
  • Improved support for video playback in certain apps that didn't render video correctly after resuming from sleep.
  • Fixed issue with Windows Phone losing user authentication certificates after upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile in some cases.
  • Improved support of the backup settings of apps on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Fixed issue where Microsoft Silverlight based apps wouldn't install on Windows 10 Mobile after joining Azure Active Directory.
  • Fixed additional issues in .NET, Windows Kernel, Windows Update, authentication, revised daylight saving time, support for PDF files, Bluetooth, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, networking, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Security updates for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Kernel Mode Drivers, Windows Kernel, .NET Framework, Windows Secure Kernel Mode, and Microsoft Print Spooler.

Improvements to Windows 10:

his update includes quality improvements and security fixes. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update. Key changes include:
  • Improved reliability of Internet Explorer 11, Windows Explorer, and Windows Update.
  • Fixed issue in the NT File system (NTFS) that caused some systems to hang while restarting.
  • Improved support for USB 3.0 to mount Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) CD-ROM devices.
  • Fixed issue that caused some drivers to fail during installation.
  • Fixed issue that caused some apps to become unresponsive when used with an Input Method Editor.
  • Fixed additional issues in Microsoft Graphics component, Internet Explorer 11, Scheduled Tasks, and .NET Framework.
  • Security updates for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Print Spooler, Windows Kernel, Secure Kernel, Kernel Mode Drivers, .NET Framework, JScript, and VBScript.

Download Links for KB3172985 

The direct links for  KB3163912 would be made available as soon as we get.
A new Groove music update is now available for Insiders in the slow and release preview rings

A new Groove music update is now available for Insiders in the slow and release preview rings

In June,Microsoft released an update to Groove music for the computers enrolled in Windows Insider program-Fast ring.
It was a very big update which also introduced Your Groove which customized the app to play music according to your habits.Here is what it was posted by Ellen:
Today, we are pleased to introduce Your Groove, the place for music that is centered around you. This is where you can not only quickly get back to things you’ve played recently, but also find recommendations for what to play next. Playlists for you are automatically generated playlists curated to your taste, based on a variety of factors such as your use of Groove (e.g. top plays, recent adds), musical metadata (e.g. mood, genre, era), information about the world of music around you (e.g. recent releases, who is on tour, critical reception), and common music-related activities (e.g. focusing at work, getting a party started) They update often to give you fresh recommendations, so save the ones you love to your own playlists so you can listen to them again and again. Saving a copy also gives you the ability to edit the content and download them for offline playback. The more music you add to your collection, the higher quality and variety of Playlists for you we will be able to generate. For those with a Music Pass, we mix in some recommendations of new songs you may like based on what you already have in your collection.”
You can head over to the Answers forum link ICYMI.
Now this your Groove feature has been made available to the Windows insiders in slow ring as well as release preview ring.Head to store to get the update!
Insider builds to continue after Anniversary update,confirms Microsoft

Insider builds to continue after Anniversary update,confirms Microsoft

Microsoft Announced in a blog post confirming a few days ago that Anniversary update would be released on August 2 for public.The RTM build hasn't been finalized yet,but no new features are being introduced now.
However,for future,the in-charge of Windows Insider program has confirmed that post Anniversary update,the Insider builds would continue for Windows Insiders.However,as the branch changes to RS-2 after,it might take some time to get the new builds with features.
Here is a twitter post by Dona Sarkar:
@Yogesh_Rya we will definitely keep pushing builds post-anniversary update. This system seems to work pretty well.
 Also,as far as RS3 is concerned, a new report on Windows central says Redstone 3 is set to launch as early as January 2016,with the new builds being compiled in the 148xx range at Microsoft headquarters.

What is new in Anniversary update to Windows 10

What is new in Anniversary update to Windows 10

This Article describes what are the major changes from Windows 10 v1511 and Windows 10 v1607-named Anniversary update released on 2nd August 2016:

Lock Screen and greetings

  • The default e-mail address is no longer displayed on the lock screen.
  • You can control Music playback from the lock screen itself.
  • The Login screen now uses a background image same as the lock screen.

Activation improvements

  • New Windows activation troubleshooter to resolve issues with windows activation.
  • Microsoft account is now linked with your digital license which activates windows.

Start menu

  • The start menu UI has been updated.
  • Lists of the most used applications and all applications have been combined together;
  • Vertical bar added to the left side of the menu which contains settings,Explorer and file options.
  • The "Start menu now displays up to three newly added applications instead of one.
  • Applications that start with numbers, are now listed under the symbol "#" instead of "0-9".

Cortana and search

  • Cortana is available on the lock screen (you must first activate in the settings)
  • Improved synchronization of Cortana and Action center.
  • Cortana has been integrated with Maps.
  • Reminders are shown as a list and can use images and application data also.
  • Music search-Cortana can search for music and supports playback from Groove music pass(US only)
  • You can set a timer using Cortana.
  • Sync your notifications on the PC to phone and vice versa is enabled through Cortana.You can get information about battery,calls on the devices and cards exchange.
  • Cortana can read your Office 365 emails,reminders etc.
  • Cortana shows sound wave instead of random characters when it is listening to you.
  • Search shows Onedrive results too.

Virtual desktops

  • Added ability to show a specific window on all virtual desktops.
  • Switch between desktops is now possible with the new four-finger gestures on the Touchpad.


  • Indicators on the taskbar for Universal modern apps.
  • The system clock is integrated with events from the calender application.
  • The system clock will be displayed on each monitor when using Multi monitor configuration.
  • The Flyout UI of volume is improved-now you can change the source of the Audio and control volume accordingly.
  • Explorer Icon would be removed by default.

Notification Center

  • Notification Center icon is moved to the right of the system clock.
  • Notification Center icon now shows the number of notifications.
  • Notifications between mobile and desktop version of Windows is now synchronized.
  • Wi-Fi Icon now has an additional interface instead of the on / off network.
  • The options available to the new setting priority and the allowable number of notifications from the same application and configuration buttons at the bottom of the center.
  • You can reject any notification by clicking the middle mouse button.
  • Now you can remove/add individual items from the quick actions.

Edge Browser

  • Extensions support has been added.The notable extensions available now are Adblock plus,translator,last pass and web clipper.
  • Tabs can be pinned,so that accidental closing of the browser doesn't remove them.
  • Switch back and forth from web pages using swiping left or right.
  • Right clicking the back button would result in the list of web pages history.
  • Added an option to clean-up the data when the browser is exited.
  • The favorite bar can now show icons only,allows renaming and creating folders.
  • Paste and search and paste and go shows up in the address bar depending on the information present on the clipboard.
  • A warning displays when you close Edge when downloading is in progress.
  • The default download location of the items can be changed.
  • Added importing favorites support from Firefox.
  • Favorites are shown in a tree structure in hub.
  • When the display window is narrow,the share and make a note button get converted into an icon.
  • What's new and tips page added to the main menu of the browser that leads to a page of Edge change-log.


  • New Skype Universal app app that replaces phone and video app.
  • Added connect app which brings continuum experience to a PC.
  • Added Sticky notes as a modern app.
  • Feedback hub has been introduced replacing Insider hub and windows feedback.
  • New shortcut for feedback hub-Windows key+F.
  • New updated versions of
    • Sports
    • News
    • Music
    • Films and TV etc.
  • Sway is merged with photos app.
  • Windows defender can be used even if any other 3rd party Antivirus is installed.
  • Microsoft WiFi has been discontinued.
  • A new tool to clean Install Windows.

Settings app

  • Now applications can be run in light or dark mode.
  • Taskbar properties have been merged in settings app.
  • The apps can now be reset in the factory state.The option is present in System>Apps.This is quite handy when an app doesn't open.
  • A network test button has been added to test the network.
  • Each subcategory of a category has its own icon.
  • Location improvements-now approximate locations can be used.
  • Screen reader and magnifier improvements.
  • Added a separate option for Windows Insider program in Update and security.
  • Active hours in Windows update-The computer doesn't restart in the time interval of active hours.
  • The latest information on windows update link has been moved to advanced options.
  • Developer subcategory in update and security has been improved.
  • The search bar in the Settings app has been moved to center and is enabled by default.Earlier to search you had to click on the text box first.
  • In the subcategories,the search bar is on left side.
  • Windows defender has been improved.
  • Improvements to the subcategory bar-the colored text would tell the active section.
  • New icons in update and security and Windows update.

Tablet mode

  • The taskbar can now be hidden when in Tablet mode
  • List of all applications is now shown in full screen rather than a list.
  • Optimization of onecore,the shared code of windows used to develop windows on all platforms.
  • New Windows Ink feature.Windows Ink is enabled by default which are having a pen as an input device..Read here
  • New Installation progress user Interface.
  • Improved battery life of a device in standby mode.
  • Implemented Native Ubuntu Bash support.
  • The User interface of User account control has been changed.
  • Added a new group policy to remove 260 character limit on paths of files and folders on NTFS,
  • New emoticons.
  • Command Prompt display has been improved on High DPI displays.
  • New Explorer, Network and BD icon.

Windows 10 claims 19 percent of the OS share in May

It is starting of the month and net Market Share has just released its OS market share report for June 2016. According to the report, Windows 10 now claims 19.14% of the market, and the OS might get a tonne of new users as the free upgrade offer is set to end later this month.Windows 10 had a market share of 17.43% back in May, meaning that the OS gained  1.71% market share in just one month.
Windows 7 is still the leading OS with a market share of 49.05%, which is followed by Windows 10, and then Windows XP with 9.78% share. Windows XP is being followed by Windows 8.1 with 8.01% market share, which seems pretty appropriate.
Whole stats and detailed analysis can be found on