14910 can be the next redstone 2 Insider build

With the release of Anniversary update to windows 10, Microsoft quickly "resumed" the windows Insider program by shipping Build 14901 from the development branch to fast ring. Soon, 14905 was released  which is I think a bit buggy as many issues are reported with it. One of them is here:

You cannot change Insider program settings in build 14905, fix coming soon

 Now a reliable twitter account which posts the same sort of things with twitter handle @CoreInsiderprogram has predicted 14910 to be released soon:

  A watermark in the lower part of the image also states “did anyone say ‘more system apps’,” which is perhaps hinting at some new system apps and features in the next build. The account is although not official, but it is very reliable seeing the past.

Wait is what we all can do!

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