Found a bug in Edge? You can now file them on Twitter using a hastag

Windows 10 comes with a new browser called Microsoft Edge. As this browser is just an Year old and has been developed from scratch, there might be some bugs while visiting websites you wish. By bugs, I mean there might be some rendering issues, page isn't displayed properly etc.
To report bugs, Microsoft has various channels like feedback hub etc, but now a new tool is developed by the software giant that would find bugs in Edge that requires you to tweet using a hashtag,
The hashtag is #Edgebug and it requires some effort from your side. Here are the requirements that you need to send as explained by Microsoft:

  • Use the hashtag #EdgeBug so our tool catches your bug and we can follow up with a link to the bug.
  • Include a link to a reduced test case of the bug on,,, or – this makes sure the bug is actionable on our end.
  • Use the text remaining to make a title for your bug. Make sure it’s succinct and descriptive!
Credits to Winbeta for how your Tweet should look like:
 tweet Frustrated with Edge? You can now file bugs via Twitter
Once you tweet, @MSEDGEDEV should reply you within a day or two with a link of

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