[How to] Syncronize your PC and phone notifications using Cortana for Android

With the release of windows 10 Anniversary update, Microsoft Introduced a quite handy feature to windows 10 that allows synchronization of notifications from phone to PC and vice-versa as explained here:
What's new in Windows 10 Anniversary update 
Cortana is available for Windows phone and Android as well. At this time of writing, cortana for Android is available for China, English-US, English-UK and English-India. You can download the APK directly from here
Cortana APK-Apkmirror
After the download is complete, Navigate to Settings>Companion Notifications and turn it ON.:

 Steps would be similar for Windows phone as well.

After you have successfully installed Cortana on your device, open Cortana settings in PC and turn on "Send notifications to devices" as shown here:

That's it, the PC would show you missed calls notifications if you miss one on your phone. PS Kindly note that this feature requires Cortana logged in with the same Microsoft account.

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