Microsoft Solitaire collection coming to Android and iOS soon

With the release of windows 10, Microsoft introduced the in built games in the form of a modern app. With this, many of the games got removed in Windows like Spider solitare. With the following article, you could get your games back, however:
Download Windows 10 default games for windows 7
The Microsoft Solitare app on windows 10 have the following games:
  1.  Klondike
  2. Spider
  3. Freecell
  4. Pyramid
  5. Tripeaks
 The modern version of the app can link the achievements of your solitare with Xbox app as well.
Now, the same Microsoft solitare app is being introduced to Android and iOS as well. A recent article on winbeta here says that the members of Microsoft casual games circle have been emailed internally about the same. Here is a snippet of the email:
Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS/Android device? If so, then here’s some exciting news: We are developing Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iOS and Android devices and we are looking for a group of passionate Solitaire players to help us test our beta version of the game as we continue to work on it.As a valuable member of the Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle, we wanted to give you the first opportunity to be a part of our beta program and give us feedback on the experience.If you are interested in joining our beta program and getting a sneak peak of the game on your iOS or Android device, please click on this link and sign in with your Microsoft Account to give us some information about your devices.
The Microsoft casual games circle is a program similar to windows Insider program, with somewhat less participation with the public.

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