Onedrive Placeholders expected in Redstone 2

In Windows 8.1, a very handy tool called onedrive placeholders was available, which was removed in Windows 10. For those who don't know what placeholders is, it allowed showing of your onedrive data and folders in File explorer without downloading it in your computer. This is sometime quite handy when you have a metered connection.

Windows 10 has a good UWP of Onedrive, but isn't as good as Placeholders as it doesn't allow any such feature.In the new app, either you have to select folders individually to synchronize or synchronize them all. However, this feature was expected to return with Redstone 1 aka with the Anniversary update, but the software giant postponed it for obvious reasons.

However, prominent hacker @tfwboredeom has just shared on Twitter that the code of it has started to show up in Redstone 2 builds:

 Back in December 2015, the head of Sharepoint and Onedrive said in an Interview that placeholders  never integrated with the Windows file system, meaning some apps, APIs and command line tools didn’t work as they should.” (You can read full article on Winbeta here.) But as this was widely criticised, Microsoft decided to bring placeholders back.

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