Windows 10 Anniversary update now available

Finally the day is here. Microsoft has released Windows 10 Anniversary update to general public.A blog post by a Microsoft employee here confirmed this.
Anniversary update is a major update to windows 10 that brings wide number of new features which are written here:

What is new in Anniversary update to Windows 10  

You can head over to Windows update to get the update, however as the rollout is slow , it might take days to reach to you. You can manually download the update, see here:
Here is how to update to Windows 10 Anniversary update manually if you are having troubles with Windows update  

The update label is Feature update to Windows 10 1607.The build number widely that is being made available is 14393.0 and a windows update takes you to 14393,10 after a restart. The version number is 1607.

To manually download the Installation media, use the following
Windows 10 ISO download

Happy downloading users!

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