Download windows updates from catalog through any browser

A while ago I shared a nice and handy tutorial to download Windows update via Offline method called Microsoft update catalog that allowed downloading of cumulative and security updates of Windows through Internet explorer rather than Windows update.
Download updates through Microsoft Update catalog

The shortcoming of this method was to use Internet explorer. Though the software giant said that they would update the website this summer, but looks like it is not in the cards yet. A new technique discovered by Woody of Infoworld now allows you to download Windows update through any browser. To do that we would use RSS feed url like the following:
Replace KBXXXXXX with the KB number of the update, let's say 318966, released recently for 1607, So the URL becomes:

When opened in Chrome, the page looks like this:

The link tag has the link we want to open. You will notice there are two link tags on the page, one being for X64 based systems and one for X86 ones.copy that address from the link tab of the update and open it in a new Tab/same tab.For google chrome, select the text and open in a new tab. You will be greeted with the following screen:
Now click on Download now and the update would be downloaded. So, you need just the Knowledge base number of the update to download the update you wish.

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