Windows spotlight updated, now shows the location and details about the Image

Windows spotlight is a cool feature in Windows 10. With spotlight, one sees bing wallpapers as a lock screen. It brings freshness to your lock screen.
More recently, with theWindows 10 Anniversary update, the lock screen and login screen were merged. By merge, I mean that both lock screen and login screen have the same Image as background.
I am a big fan of Images like these and sometimes I am curious to find more details about the Image being shown. The feedback for this was quite around for sometime, and Microsoft has listened to the same.
 A reddit user has spotted the same feature with the location being displayed of the Image just along the feedback at the top right.

Other users are reporting that there is a detailed explanation about the Image at the left. I will update this as soon as I get an Image.

This is quite a handy feature added by Microsoft. Most probably it has been updated with recent cumulative update for windows 10.
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