The latest Insider build of Windows 10 allows you to uninstall system apps

With windows 8 (or windows 10), Microsoft introduced modern apps which were a replacement for the traditional win32 apps. With Windows 10, some of the modern apps were introduced as a revamped version of Windows 8 ones:

  • Mail and calendar
  • Camera
  • Feedback hub
  • Groove music
  • Films and TV etc.
These modern apps, in Windows 10 cannot be uninstalled without using power-shell commands as you can see here:

But, the latest Insider build of Windows 10, released last week now allows you to uninstall system apps. The uninstall button isn't greyed out as you can see below + right clicking the app and selecting Uninstall also works. It was noted by Onenote central on twitter:

This is clearly a good news for some people specially for those who want to uninstall these apps and have somewhat less space in C: drive. But remember, this feature would be available to general users around 2017, when redstone 2 would release.

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