Windows 10 Redstone 2 can have a version of 1703

After finishing of Threshold branch of Windows 10, Microsoft is moving forward with Redstone. Under redstone, Microsoft plans 3 feature upgrades in which one was released this August codenamed Redstone 1. Now the focus shifts to Redstone 2, which is now being developed and some builds have been released to Windows Insiders.
All of the Windows 10 builds released in production have a version. The TH1 build was called 1507(although not officially called), the TH2 being 1511 version which was the official name of the build and the last stable build aka Anniversary update has a label 1607. The version usually points to Year and then month.(Like 16 stands for 2016 and 07 stands for month, i.e. July)
Now, a new Information from walkingcat, a prominent Microsoft watcher says Microsoft is planning to label Redstone 2 production build as version 1703. This points that Restone 2 would be pushed to the masses in  March 2017. Here is the tweet by walking cat:

It was confirmed earlier by the software giant that Redstone 2 would be released around earlier 2017.

Though plans can always change, but I hope that it is around the specified month.
Thanks to winbeta as well.

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