Quiet hours in Windows now updated, 3rd party apps can now send notifications

In windows 10, Microsoft provides a quite useful feature that quiets down the notifications when a switch is turned ON, called quite notifications.
Quiet hours in Windows 10

Currently, when the quiet hours is turned ON, the notifications are turned off from a 3rd party apps. Only apps like Microsoft Alarms and clock and Windows defender are allowed to send notifications.
But, this is about to change as Microsoft recently posted in User voice that due to popular feedback, 3rd Party apps would be allowed.
“We just enabled this in the next Insider fast-ring flight of the Creators Update! All third-party alarm apps will break through quiet hours now, just like the first-party alarm app!”
So this feature is now live in the Insider's release and would be subsequently available to production with the creator's update due 2017. You can read the post here.
Thanks to Winbeta for the information.

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