Windows 10 almost the same, Windows 8.1 displaces 3rd most used OS in October

As the month starts, Netmarket share updates its OS stats. The October data is now updated. Last month, we saw drop for the first time in Windows 10 share. This time, Windows 10 has gained a bit-a mere 0.06 percent this month, standing at 22.59. This clearly signifies the rate at which Windows 10 was increasing during the free upgrade offer is not possible now. Still Windows 10 is down from the August numbers.
Capture-d’écran-2016-11-01-à-18.46.50 Windows 10 upgrades stagnate after free offer ends, market share down from August
Windows 7 is way ahead at 48.38 percent, while Windows XP has now been displaced as 3rd most used OS by Windows 8.1. The reason of 8.1 growth is due to OEM's generally shipping 8.1 rather than Windows 10 as their OS.
Still, 1 billion devices running Windows 10 by 2018 is almost impossible as said by Microsoft as well.

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