Finally, Windows allowing pausing of the updates from the creators update

Finally, Windows allowing pausing of the updates from the creators update

Windows 10 build 14997 was leaked some days ago as we discussed here, and it introduced a lot of new features. The new features continue to be found, and the next feature that we have found is something which all Windows users would like.
With windows 10, all updates are automatic and a normal PC whose settings are untouched or specially home version of the OS- The updates get automatically downloaded and in some cases, restarts are also automatic which led to losing of the users data.
As the time progressed, Microsoft understood that they need to do something with this as it was becoming a real pain for the users. So, there were some improvements with the November update and then with the Anniversary update(Introduction of Active hours etc.).
Now with the latest leaked update, Microsoft has reportedly changed some things- Now Windows updates can be paused for 35 days. This can be treated as a delay so that the people who want stability in the systems with the cumulative updates. However, security updates would continue to download.
The leaked build is enterprise edition of Windows, so the feature is expected to go live for both businesses and home users. The creator's update would go to production in March and this feature is expected to come out with that.

Cortana to be integrated with Windows Installer to Install Windows with Creator's update

With creator's update, Microsoft has promised a lot of things to be shipped with the update. As we most likely are almost half par the time since a stable build was released, we expect more features in the later half.
The new supposed rumor is the Integration of Cortana with the Windows Installer. For those who don't know(seriously?), Cortana is a digital assistant that ships with Windows 10 and makes things a lot easier. Cortana as of yet, reminds you about something you told her to remember and many other things. Now in continuation with this, Microsoft plans to integrate Cortana with Windows Installer- that would simplify the process of Installation. For example, saying next is a lot easier than clicking one.
A report from Windows Central says the same-that the latest builds of Windows 10 have a new OOBE i.e. Out of the box experience and by default listening to the user and awaiting voice commands. A sample screen that shows the new OOBE interface is as follows:

For the traditrional desktop users, keyboard and mouse are also supported as well, so you can either choose between Cortana/Keyboard.
The Insider program is on a holiday right now as due to holidays, but the program is expected to pace up in January. More to come.

Windows 10 build 14997 leaks onto Internet, introduces some new changes

Its been 3rd year and as usual, a new Insider build has been leaked on to the Internet which was just compiled before holidays. The build number is 14997 and interestingly it comes from a new branch as well.
This build was leaked on BetaArchive, and comes with some new features and several changes:

  • Improved Settings app
  • New Personalization menu
  • Edge now has Tab Expansion
  • Save tabs for later in Edge
  • Lower Blue Light mode

Blue Light mode

The new blue light mode allows you to adjust blue light settings. This makes it easier to see text on certain occasions-especially at night.This is more discussed here.
Thanks to for the screenshot

Edge now has set aside tabs feature

In build 14997, Microsoft Edge now features the ability to set aside tabs for later viewing.Another small and neat feature introduced is previewing the tab which isn't open by default.

Windows defender 

Windows defender has got a new look as you can see here:

New cumulative update for Windows 10 on production branch and fast ring now available

New cumulative update for Windows 10 on production branch and fast ring now available

A new cumulative update for Windows 10 v1607 has recently been released by Microsoft. The only thing it addresses is according to the official KB page, a bug that was found in cumulative update KB3206632, which was rolled out by Microsoft on 13th December. 
“This update fixes an issue that was introduced in the December 13, 2016 release (KB3206632) in which virtualization-based security (VBS) does not start, and features that rely on VBS, such as Credential Guard and shielded virtual machines (VMs), stop functioning. Windows 10 and Windows Server 2106 updates are cumulative. Therefore, this package contains all previously released fixes,” Microsoft explains.

This new update pushes Windows 10 version to 14393.577.

Fast ring also getting update

Earlier this week, the software giant released an update for 14986. The build number jumps 14986.1001 although no changes are made public yet. 

Head over to Windows update to get more details.
Windows 10 themes arrive in Windows store

Windows 10 themes arrive in Windows store

Windows themes are a good way to customize the look and feel of Windows operating system. The themes contain Desktop background, colored themes and some of them even contain sounds. Previously, Windows themes can be downloaded from a dedicated page which is located here.

With the announcement of the creator's update to be released in early 2017, Microsoft announced that to download the themes for Windows 10, you now need to go to Windows store. This has been made live now-as many themes have been made available to Windows store.
The .themepack file would be downloaded in C:/Program Files/WindowsApps folder. Some of the themes that can be downloaded from there are:
Thanks to MS power user for the tip :)
No new builds till rest of the year

No new builds till rest of the year

Its been a while when 14986 was released for Fast ring Insiders and we could have expected a build before Christmas and New Year, but this isn't happening. The Internal canary builds of Microsoft aren't well passing the criteria, so the chief of Insider Program Dona Sarkar has said the following:
“No more builds this week. We don’t love the current options and don’t want to leave you in a bad state during the holidays,” Dona announced. “And this also means no more builds for 2016. We will release ISO for the Slow ring next week.”
This means ISO's would be up soon of 14986 on the Windows Insider preview ISO page this week. As Windows 10 creators update is due early 2017, expect more new features in the upcoming build next year.

[December Patch Tuesday] New cumulative updates for Windows 10 now available

[December Patch Tuesday] New cumulative updates for Windows 10 now available

This December's Microsoft Patch Tuesday as always has bring updates to all of the products. With Windows 10 on our radar, we would discuss the updates for all 3 versions of Windows.

Version 1607

For Windows 10 1607, a cumulative update Kb3206632 is now available, that jumps the build number to 14393.576. Key changes include:
  • Improved reliability of Security Support Provider Interface.
  • Addressed a service crash in CDPSVC that in some situations could lead to the machine not being able to acquire an IP address.
  • Addressed issue where a Catalog-signed module installation does not work on Nano Server. 
  • Addressed issue with Devices left with Hello on for an excessive amount of time will not go into power savings mode. 
  • Addressed issue with gl_pointSize to not work properly when used with drawElements method in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed issue where Azure Active Directory-joined machines after upgrading to Windows 10 Version 1607 cannot sync with Exchange.
  • Addressed additional issues with app compatibility, updated time zone information, Internet Explorer.
  • Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Uniscribe, Common Log File System Driver. 

 The update is available via Windows update catalog and Windows update as well. Direct links can be gathered from the following page:Microsoft Update Catalog
Here are the links to the 64 bit and 32 bit patch as well:

64-bit (x64) -Download from here.

32-bit (x86) -Download from here.

Version 1511

For version 1511,KB3205386  has been made available that jumps the build number from 10586.713.
The following changes are noticeable after this update:
  • Addressed issue that causes the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client to fail installation when a device is re-imaged using the SCCM task sequence.
  • Addressed issue with an error that occurs when the home page of the browser is set to an extremely long URL.
  • Addressed issue with search suggestions and suggested sites feature of the browser not working properly.
  • Addressed issue when changing the password for a local account with update KB3198585 installed, the computer will hang at "Changing Password".
  • Addressed additional issues with Internet Explorer and updates to time zone information.
  • Security updates to Microsoft Uniscribe, Microsoft Graphics Component, the Windows OS, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Windows Hyper-V, Windows kernel, and the kernel-mode driver.

 Microsoft Update Catalog is the best way to download this update.
KB3201845 for Windows10 v1607 now available for production ring

KB3201845 for Windows10 v1607 now available for production ring

Recently, Microsoft released a new cumulative update for Windows 10 release preview ring Insiders, which was discussed here. The KB number of the update is KB3201845 and the build number is 14393.479. We now have the changelog as well, which is discussed here:

  • Improved the reliability of mobile device management (MDM) disenrollment, Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM), Peripheral Component Interface and PowerShell.
  • Addressed issue that causes excessive battery drain if you have a Chinese Input Method Editor installed and use Windows Hello to log in.
  • Addressed issue with OLE drag and drop that prevents users from downloading a SharePoint document library as a file.
  • Addressed issue with Super Floppy-formatted fixed media devices that are not recognized by Windows 10 Anniversary Update or accessible in Windows Explorer.
  • Addressed issue that causes the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client to fail installation when a device is re-imaged using the SCCM task sequence.
  • Addressed issue that causes the loss of optional component (OC) state information, including all Hyper-V virtual machines, after upgrade.
  • Addressed issue that causes Windows Explorer to display information that’s inconsistent with what’s stored on the Floppy disk.
  • Addressed issue that, after connecting a shared CD/DVD-hosted drive with no media inserted, causes some of the commands, like DIR and NET USE, to hang.
  • Addressed issue where customers cannot use directory cache sizes greater than 64 KB.
  • Addressed issue where Windows Explorer sometimes does not prompt for credentials when a user logs on using a Microsoft account.
  • Addressed additional issues with application compatibility and Internet Explorer

Direct links:

As this update is for stable release, direct download links are also available:

Also see:
[Finally] Microsoft update catalog updated, now can be used on any browser
Microsoft pauses Windows 10 Insider preview builds for PC to prepare for Unified Update platform

Microsoft pauses Windows 10 Insider preview builds for PC to prepare for Unified Update platform

Last week, Windows 10 Insider build 14977 was released, but the build was only for mobile devices. Dona Sarkar, chief of Insider program didn't explained about the reason why Insider build for PC wasn't available, except a tweet which mentioned that a blocking bug resulted in delay of the PC build:
Currently it doesn't look like that this was the real reason, because yesterday, Microsoft updated the blog post to state that the builds for Fast and slow ring are paused until further notice:
 We are getting ready to start releasing PC builds to Insiders using UUP. To prepare for this, we are going to pause all PC builds for both the Fast and Slow rings starting this evening (Friday 12/2). We will begin flighting the latest builds via UUP starting with our internal rings first then to Insiders based on each ring’s promotion criteria. We’re excited to be able to release builds for PC to Insiders using UUP! Mobile builds are not impacted by this.
 Microsoft is preparing to release Windows 10 PC builds using UUP, that reduces the size of the updates. This feature is already live in Mobile builds and PC is expected to cover up soon.

Windows 10 and XP gain(yes, gain!) and Windows 7 looses share in November

As usual, this is first and Netmarket share is back with its stats. Let us discuss in detail about every OS:

Windows 10

After a stagnant decline from many months, Windows 10 has shown signs of revival. Windows 10 has increased its share from 22.59 to 23.72 percent. This is a pretty significant as a little percentage could mean million. This shows people have started adopting Windows 10, which could be a reason of fixing bugs with the Anniversary update.

Windows 7

For the first time in months, Windows 7 share has decreased with a significant margin.The share dropped from 48.38 to 47.17 percent. This could mean people  moving have moved from Windows 10.

Windows 8 and 8.1

Windows 8.1 is dropping sharply, and these new stats put the at 8.01 percent, while Windows 8 operating system stands at a mere 1.96 percent.

Windows XP

The almost 1 and half decade OS has increased its share strangely. The OS now stands at 8.63 percent, greater than Windows 8.1. FWIW, the OS started the year with 11 percent around and had a lots of downs and a little ups like these in the year. For those who are wondering, still Windows XP powers a lot of computers and the owners do not upgrade their systems either due to compatibility issues or finance. But still using XP poses a lot of risks, as the software giant has already stopped patching this OS.

Let us look at a graphical representation of the share of the OS:
More to come next month.