Windows 10 build 15007 introduces Game mode, still in early stages

Microsoft is working to release Creator's update in early months this year. Past 2 builds i.e. 15007 and 15002 introduce a new lots of features, and probabably a bunch of them which are present but not mentioned in the changelog. On of them is Game mode for the OS, which was not in the logs, but actually is present inside the build.
Game mode, essentially is a great feature that prioritizes certain processes by allocating resources to them and transforming some processes in standby mode to maximize game performance.
A screenshot from @tfwboredom discovers the same that game mode can be started from Game DVR screen.For the moment, this feature is clearly still in beta, so It should probably be refined before going live in creatro

A blog on Xbox blog also explains about this feature in detail. In short, this was said;
“Windows Insiders will start seeing some of the visual elements for Game Mode this week, with the feature being fully operational in builds shortly thereafter. Our vision is for Game Mode to optimize your Windows 10 PC for increased performance in gaming. This is a big update for Windows; we’re looking forward to Insiders getting their hands on this new feature for further testing, and we’ll have much more to share on what it is and how it works soon, so stayed tuned.”

Let us see what  the new builds would bring.

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