[Feburary] Windows 10 slightly looses share in Feburary

Netmarket share has posted its statistics for the month of Feburary earlier today, and some new things have emerged from it.

Windows 10

In Feburary, Microsoft's newest OS went a slightly down in share market, grabbing 25.19 percent of the total share. For those who missed the article last month, Windows 10 gained and got a share of 25.30 last month. This means the OS lost 0.11 percent of users last month.

 Windows 7

The largest and the most sucessfull OS of the Redmond giant gained this month around 1 percent, which is a pretty large number if we consider real number of PCs across the globe. Windows 7 went to 48.41 from 47.20 and is the No. 1 OS ever.


Windows XP looses users finally

Windows XP is now down to 8.45 from 9 percent. For the first time, XP has lost user share.

Windows 8

Windows 8 has a very less share now and is the last in our list. It has a 6.87 percent of market share.

 At the end, we see the graphical share of all of the OS:

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