Windows 10 upgrade assistant leaks,confirms RTM build 15063

As Windows 10 creator's update is nearing release new findings and leaks are being available.Windows 10 creators update would be available sometime next month, but as the primary method of release would be windows update it wouldn't be available to everyone on day 1.

However, if we see the last traditions, Microsoft commits to provide a tool to upgrade your system manually-you can either use Media creation tool or the upgrade assistant tool to upgrade your systems.
An upgraded version of tool as always would be available and this time it  was leaked  by Twitter user hx0xd. Though it is not functioning properly yet, but still it indicates many things.
Credits to mspoweruser for the picture
The first thing it indicates is the Release candidate is 15063, which is live on fast and slow rings already. 
The upgrade assistant closely resembles one which was released last time for the Anniversary update, as we can see in the pictures.

The upgrade assistant isn't fully functional yet as it doesn't download anything.

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