Microsoft to provide updates to Microsoft Edge through Windows update from Redstone 3

With Windows 10, Microsoft tried to retire its 20 year old browser Internet explorer, and Introduced Microsoft Edge. The software giant promoted Edge as the modern and newest browser containing all the necessary features. Though being useless till the November update, Microsoft Edge started to become a browser which contained all necessities required for a normal user from the Anniversary update.
The Anniversary and Creators update shaped Edge very well, but the problem with Edge is that it is a part of the OS and updates with a feature upgrade. This was not the case with IE, for example IE8 shipped with Windows 7 could also be installed to Windows XP. Now the users on the previous Windows 10 versions like the 1507, 1511 cannot get the new features of Edge. For them, still Edge is very difficult to use.
However, Microsoft plans to change the same with the next feature upgrade with Redstone 3, where Edge would be updated through Windows store. It is still unclear if the previous versions like Redstone 1 ones can also get Redstone 3 features of Edge, but one thing is for sure-Microsoft wants more and more users to use Edge. The software giant is following similar to Chrome OS, where Chrome gets regularly updated irrespective of updates to the OS.
More is expected on this when the Build conference by Microsoft is held from 10th May. 

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