Microsoft working on Tabs feature in all programs in Windows 10

There is a great demand for tabs, specially in file Explorer from ages-Might be from when Windows 7 released and looks like in future the software giant may be working on it. According to inside sources, Microsoft is working on tabbed shell, which brings tabs to all Windows 10 applications, including Windows 10 file explorer.
As per information, tabbed shell works at OS level so there is no need of developers to develop it separately. Tabbed shell works in Win32, UWP all kinds of applications.
Microsoft Edge is one of the UWP apps that offers tabs

Initial reports suggest that the tabbed shell closely resembles Microsoft Edge tab styling and the goal of tabbed shell is to give a new and a great and easy use of Windows OS. However, many conflicts are also possible with tabbed shell, for example multiple close or maximize buttons but we hope Microsoft adjusts and refines it more before it is made public.
Some 3rd party apps provide the same interface, but if tabs are provided by in built feature then it would be too exciting.  Tabbed shell could come with Redstone 3 or 4 which is slated to release late 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Thanks to Windows central for the tip.

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