Update to Windows 10 creators update manually if you are unable to get it through Windows update

Windows 10 creator's update is already released as a stable version of Windows 10 for Windows 10 version 1607 and earlier. The primary method of getting this upgrade is through Windows update, but as it has to be delivered to millions of PCs, it might take some time to reach your device. If you do not want to wait and Install the feature upgrade manually, you can use the following methods when they are available to get Windows 10 Creator's update.

Please see the following updated version of the article:
Upgrade to Windows 10 Fall Creators update using these options

Method 1: Using the upgrade assistant

The Redmond giant provides a software which it names as upgrade assistant which assists you in getting feature upgrade to Windows. It is available on the following page for download- Click Update now just below "We have noticed that you are using Windows 10":
A program of 6 MB would subsequently be downloaded and run. This shows if your PC is up to date.
If any update is available which should be, it would ask you for confirmation. Click on update now to get started.
After you click update now, you would greeted with a download progress screen. Rest of the work would be done by Windows itself.

After download and Installation, you would be greeted with Windows 10 creators update.

Method 2-Using the Media creation tool

This is by far the stable method to upgrade.  Media creation tool offers 2 options:

  • Downloading the Installation media for future purposes and of course to upgrade
  • A more automatic option to let the computer upgrade.
Download the tool either from https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/software-download/windows10 or use http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=691209 as a direct download link.
 Click on Download tool now to download the media creation tool and initiate the upgrade.

To use the first option, which automatically upgrades your system, choose upgrade this PC now. This is a more automated process and Windows should automatically upgrade your system. After some time and few restarts, you would be greeted with Windows 10 creators update.

It would download the Installation media first and then Install the update.
For more advanced users,
This method would allow you to keep an Installation media for future purposes if you want to do a clean Install. Following steps are what you need to do for the upgrade.
  • Choose Option 2 in Media creation tool-download Installation media for another PC.

  • Then, if you wish to upgrade the same PC, make sure the checkbox at the bottom which says "Use recommended option for this PC" is checked.Click on Next afterwards.
  • Then select ISO file on the screen which says Choose which media to use.Click on Next.
  • Save the ISO to any other drive and click OK in the path chooser dialog box.The ISO download should begin.
  • When the ISO download finishes, navigate to the ISO file location from file explorer and double click it.It should mount as a virtual drive as shown here:
  • Open the virtual drive and launch setup.exe named file, it would start preparing:
  • The next step is checking for updates.Windows would get the updates after the upgrade, so select not right now.
  • Accept the license terms.

  • Confirm your Edition and keeping things. Click on next.
  • Then after Windows starts Installing.
  • After some restarts you would be greeted with creators update.

Directly download the ISO

Downloading an ISO directly from Microsoft isn't that tricky, you need to do some effort to get the ISO from the site.
To get the ISO file, we can change the agent in developer tools, so that the page logic sees we are opening it from a non Windows OS. Then we get the option of downloading the ISOs. Here is a more detailed explanation of what needs to be done:
 Open the following page in Microsoft Edge browser or Google Chrome:

After the page opens, click F12 to open developer tools and click on Emulation tab . Under user agent string, change it to a non Windows, let us say Apple safari. Similar are the steps for Chrome as well.
You then get an option to download the ISO. Select Windows 10 for home and pro version of the OS.
Press confirm and then select the language and edition to Install.
The ISO would be downloaded which can be used to upgrade to the creators update. Refer to method 2 on about how to Install.

These 3 methods can help getting Windows 10 creators update. If stable and you do not wish to go back, you can free up space from your system by deleting the older OS stored in Windows.old:
To remove the older windows Installation that would be removed automatically after 10 days you can see this article(the bottom section).

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