File History missing from Build 16212, signals removing of the same from Windows in future

Two days before Microsoft accidentally released Windows 10 build to Windows Insiders. This build was from RS_Edge_Case Lab, which was not stable for using even as an Insider build. Many users however were successful in installing this build. As this build was an internal build, there are some things that are added/removed in this build which is still not public.
One of the things that Microsoft has removed from this build is File History, the newer backup feature introduced in Windows 10. This feature was tend to be a successor of Backup and restore function introduced in Windows 7 which was a quite handy and easy-to-use feature.
 h0x0d, a known user on Twitter found the same and the following tweet was posted:

 It is unclear that a new feature would be introduced as a replacement for this, but many 3rd party software's do the same things efficiently as well.

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