Onedrive placeholders are back in Redstone 3 builds

Onedrive is the online file storage option for Windows. In Windows 8.1, you could access the files stored online in Windows explorer, which was called placeholders. As the name suggests, placeholders allowed you to access and download files which are online through offline method. However, in Windows 10 Microsoft removed this very handy feature.
Microsoft listened to the feedback and decided to bring back placeholders in Windows 10 later builds. Initially planned for Redstone 2, Onedrive placeholders were pushed back to Redstone 3. Now finally Microsoft has introduced the same in latest Windows 10 insider builds, renaming placeholders to Windows 10 file on demand. This feature would be available to public later with fall creators update.

How to use Windows 10 file on demand

To use this newest feature, you need to download the latest version of onedrive from here.(You might also get automatically-the rollout starts today) Then, you need to check the files on demand feature as shown here:
The files in onedrive have either of the following statuses:
Green check icon: A green check indicates the file is present offline as well as online.
Solid check icon: This item or folder has been manually marked as always available offline.
White cloud: This item is available online but is not synced yet.
Refresh arrows: This item or folder is about to be synced. Sync is pending and item or folder will soon be available offline. 

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