[June] Windows 7 looses, Windows XP gains(yes gains) in June

It is the starting of the month and as usual, netmarket share has updated the OS share statistics. We would discuss each OS step by step:

Windows 10 is almost the same

While May recorded Windows 10 to be at 26.78%, the statistics of June show a tiny increment of the share of the OS. The OS sits at 26.80%. Considering Windows 10 as a paid product for everyone, Windows 10 is unlikely to grow at a very large pace from now on.

Windows 7

Windows 7 lost some share this month. The OS has 49.04 percent share which was 49.46 last month.

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 holds a share of 6.40 percent in June, which is down a bit from May. In May, the OS had 6.74 percent of the share.

Windows XP

Windows XP amazingly gained around 1 percent this month. The OS has 6.94 percent of share as compared to 5.66 percent last month. Who uses a 1 and a half decade old OS in todays world of ransomware attacks?

We here present a picture, thanks to Netmarketshare.

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