Adoption of Windows 10 Creators update not fast as Anniversary update, says a new report

Microsoft last month said they have removed all limitations that were preventing your PC to Install Creators update. Generally when Microsoft releases a feature upgrade, they plan to release it in phases i.e. it is a phased rollout. When Creators update was released for the first time, Microsoft explained in detail that there is a lot of difference between upgrading manually and through windows update. MS had deployed a number of roadblocks that prevented Creators update to come to your device through windows update, however this is not the case now. 
As windows 10 updates are automatic, there must be millions of devices that had creators update installed in the past month. As a result, noted agency Aduplex has released a report that says the share of Windows 10 Creators update has increased to 65 percent in the last month as compared to 50 percent in July. 15% is not a small number as far as we see the number of devices windows 10 has installed. However, with the previous feature update aka anniversary update the deployment rate was 88 percent if we compare the same time i.e. 5 months. Thus, there is a large difference in the numbers. The data is collected using Aduplex SDK running on 5000 PCs.
Now the current statistics show Creators update is running on 65.3 percent PCs and 30 percent devices are running Anniversary update.  Windows 10 Novemeber update is still running on 2 percent PCs, and the RTM on 1 percent. 0.7 percent are insiders. This also signals the full adoption of Windows 10 creators update would just complete before the new feature upgrade releases called Fall creators update.

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