What is new in Fall Creators update?

The latest build of Windows 10, Fall Creators update is releasing tomorrow. For those who don't know, Fall Creators update is the next major upgrade to Windows 10 due to release to production in October. Microsoft has finalized the RTM and moved to Redstone 4 for development branch so there would be no new features from now on.The Bugs are being fixed with Cumulative updates. Here is a list of Significant changes introduced with Creators update:

Shell and Explorer

  • New design language called Fluent design which offers more clarity and offers streamlined experience across all applications including UWP. 
  • New experience for Windows Shell elements(integrated Fluent) including Start and the Action center.
  • Files On Demand is back 
  • New One Drive files on demand feature that allows you to access your Onedrive files in explorer without downloading it. See here for details.
  • New My People app.
  • New Spatial sound and power throttling option for taskbar icons
  • Share option is now renamed to Give access to when we right click a file.
  • New Context menu options for WiFi and Ethernet flyout.

Microsoft Edge

  • EPUB Files improvements:
    • You can now see a table of contents for the file.
    • You can now ink on the files and highlight important parts.
    • Improved reading experience.
    • Annotation is now supported.
    • Readaloud mode that also supports other PDFs along with EPUB files.
  • You can edit the URL of a favourite.
  • New Share page option available at the top right.
  • Inactive tabs would have a transparent icon.
  • Acrylic design is integrated.
  • Under the hood reliability improvements including introduction of WDAG for websites you visit.
  • New Full Screen mode.
  • Now you can Pin your favourites to Taskbar.


  • Dedicated Cortana Settings in Settings app.
  • Continued integration of Control Panel into settings.
  • New Right sidebar that offers help everywhere in Settings.
  • New Video Playback options in System category.
  • Settings area to link your Android or iOS phone with Windows.
  • New settings for Controlling your PC using your eyes.
  • Storage sense improvements.
  • Updates improvements:
    • Individual progress indicator for Updates.
    • Improved delivery optimization to get updates from local network.
    • If an update fails, Windows will use a plain text string to describe the error that was encountered. 
  • New Magnifier settings page.
  • Updated About page in System gets information from Windows defender that shows your system health.
  • New Remote access settings in System options.
  • Set defaults by app replaces traditional control panel page.
  • Updated network connection properties page.

Input Improvements

  • New Touch keyboard that provides an improved experience from previous ones.
  • Emoji 5.0 Support.
  • Scrolling is now possible with Pen.
  • New Emoji panel.


  • New revert back option for Hyper V Machines to revert Machine at a previous point of time.
  • You can now disable lock screen using GPO(only pro versions of Windows 10)
  • New Power throttling feature that lets background apps to use less resources.
  • Windows defender icon in the taskbar now opens Windows defender security center.
  • New Icon in Settings for Windows Insider program.
  • Windows subsystem for linux doesn't require development mode to be ON.
  • Improvements to accessibility tools including magnifier, On Screen keyboard etc.
  • Task Manager now shows GPU usage as well in Performance tab.
  • Controlled folder access option in Windows defender that protects your data from Malware.
  • A new option has been added to Cortana to enable or disable showing your cloud content in the search results
  • New Option to reset your Microsoft account password from the login page itself.
  • New option to finish setting up device after a reset/Clean  Install.
  • You can use your eye to control your PC using some specific company hardware.
  • Improvements to color of console to give it a more modern look.
  • No screensaver options from now on in Themes.
  • New OpenType variable font Bahnschrift.
  • Gamebar now supports turning On/OFF Game mode.
  • New Story remix feature.

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