Fall Creators update to launch on 17th October worldwide

Microsoft had an event today scheduled at IFA 2017, mostly focused on virtual reality etc. As these things relate Windows, they on the sidelines also announced the availability of next feature upgrade widely called Fall Creators update for users.

Microsoft Chief Executive Terry Myreson announced 17th October as the date on which Fall Creators update would start rolling out. However, the Insiders on Fast, slow or perhaps Release preview ring would get them some more days before hopefully as they would try to fix as much bugs as they can. The update would still focus on increasing your creativity, as said. For those who don't know, Microsoft announced at their annual developer conference Build 2017, about Fall Creators update. This brings out many new features to the OS, an extensive list of which you can get here. Some features however promised in the Build were also postponed for next future release as well.
Similar to other previous feature upgrade releases, the rollout firstly would be extremely slow and would take pace in some months. A snippet of what Terry said for Fall Creators update states:
With the Fall Creators Update we are introducing some fun, new ways to get creative. As part of the update we will deliver an evolution to the photos experience that will let you tell your story like never before using photos, videos, and 3D effects; enhancements in gaming, security, accessibility, and immersive new experiences made possible by Windows Mixed Reality. All of this innovation will be brought to life by a range of beautifully designed, and feature rich modern devices available from our hardware partners this holiday,” 
To get an early insight of complete features offered, you can join Windows Insider program on the fast ring. However, if you select release preview, you would get the rollout almost a week before global rollout starts.
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