How to share event logs in case of a computer issue

Sometimes event logs become Critical in finding the root cause of the issue. Here is what you need to do to send the event logs to us if asked.
  •  Right-Click Start button and Select Run(Alternatively Press Windows key+R) to open Run.
  • Type in eventvwr.msc and Press Enter.
  • This opens EventViewerr. Expand Windows logs.
  • Now depending on the type of the issue, we might have asked you for
    • System Logs
    • Applications logs
    • Both.
  • Follow the steps below to share the event logs with us(Taking an example of System logs)
  • Right Click System Logs and select Save all events as..
  • Select Desktop or any other desired folder.
  • Repeat the steps if asked for application logs.
  • Open and Select Upload>Files.
  • Select the files saved earlier. Let it(them) upload.
  • Right click the uploaded file(s) in the Onedrive interface and click share.
  • Click get a link in the new popup and copy that link.
  • Paste that in the reply of Microsoft community.

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