Install updates via Microsoft update catalog

Microsoft Update Catalog is a service from Microsoft that provides a listing of software updates released by Microsoft corporation. It includes updates of Device drivers,security updates, hotfixes for products like Windows,Microsoft office etc etc.
As in Windows, we aren't allowed to save the Installer for offline use.It be called as a way to download Windows updates for later use.This is extremely helpful for the computers not connected to a network.


Microsoft Update catalog requires an addon which is currently available for Internet explorer users only.So the same works on Internet explorer only.
  1. Navigate to Catalog website first.
  2. For one time it would prompt you to Install add on.Click on Install to trigger the Installation as shown at the bottom:
  3. Click Yes when Prompted by the User account control dialog.After the Installation finishes, the page would change to something like this:
  4. The next step is to get the update.The search bar allows to search the update according to any of the terms from, name of the update,KB Number etc. etc. For driver updates, we can give driver manufacturer, driver model, driver version.As for Each update, microsoft has released a unique KB number.the best way is to input the KB number in the search bar.
  5. I am assuming update number KB3135782 to be downloaded and I have inputted the same in search bar.After pressing Enter, the search results are here:
  6. The next step is to download the update.For that, first of all I need to add the update to the basket.Think of the basket as a cart where I can add multiple items to it,(updates in this case)To add to the basket click Add present against the list item at the extreme right.You can add more updates to the basket if you wish, so that all can be downloaded at once.
  7. Once the update shopping is complete, we need to download them to my computer.To start the download,click on view basket(top right of the page).
  8. When you reach the basket, click on download button to specify path of the folder where you wish to download the update.
  9. Click on continue and you will be greeted with a progress window that shows the status of the updates being downloaded.
That's it.Any tips are welcomed!

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