[FIX]Windows update Error code 80240FFF on Windows 10 build 10240

Recently I came up to the following thread on the Answers:
Windows 10 wont update Error code 0x80240fff
Upon digging on the technical details I couldn't find anything constructive as it is described as following:
But I can see this issue isn't present on windows 10 version 1511.
As of now 567+ people are having the same issue and reading the whole thread,I came to know that it is a server side issue from the Windows update server itself.I hope MS corrects it soon,but we can try the following:
Immediate resolution:
  • Pro Users: 
    • Click on Defer Upgrades-that would change your Windows update server and the problem would be resolved.However,upgrades would be postponed.
    •  Download version 1511 through media creation Tool and perform an In-place upgrade.This would make sure you are on the latest build of windows 10 and you would receive the Anniversary update due July this year.
  • Home users(Home+Home SL):As there is no defer upgrades option,the only thing is to download version 1511 through media creation tool.
Steps for upgrade:
Media creation Tool is now updated with Version 1511, OS Build 10586 of Windows 10.
Download link for Media Creation Tool:
You can select upgrade this PC now,windows should do that automatically for you.
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