Disable the free windows 10 upgrade on windows 7/8 computers using the Microsoft way

Microsoft has been widely criticized for the upgrade practices on computers running windows 7 and windows 8.People have reported upgrading without their consent and the PC's which don't support that are rendered useless.Then people have to do a rollback or do a custom installation if rollback isn't possible.
Now Microsoft has listened to this and has offered an "Indirect" (Remember Indirect) way to disable the upgrade.It requires a policy edit or a registry edit to disable the Operating system update.

This way to disable the upgrade has been introduced with the newest windows update client KB3050265,so you need to download that first:

After the Installation,Download the file and run the reigstry Editor,press Yes when prompted.
Restart and windows wouldn't upgrade your system to windows 10.
The registry method also works with Windows 8 too.
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