Insider Preview Build 14361 available to the Insiders in fast ring

A new Windows 10 PC build has been released by Microsoft,the build number being 14361 which has some good new features as under:

What's New

  1. LastPass Extension for Microsoft Edge-A handy password manager tool is now available.
  2. Hyper-V containers:One can use Docker natively on Hyper-V containers
  3. Improvements to Settings app:
    1. Now colored text indicates the Active sub setting in the Navigation bar 
    2.  Navigation bar now is white in lite mode and black in Dark mode.
    3. Clicking on Home on Top left brings you to Main Settings Page
    4. Size adjustments of text.
  4. New icons:Icons have been updated of Blu Ray drives and Network on Action center
  5. New Shortcut:The Taskbar and calendar flyout has a shortcut of Windows+Alt+D
  6. Changes to Active hours:The active hours in Windows updates have been increased to 12 hours.In active hours windows doesn't install updates and restart.
  7. Edge:Edge shows download notification filename and download status on separate lines
  8. Task Manager settings:The Task manager settings would be preserved in future updates
  9. Some Windows Ink imrovements.

What is Fixed

  1. Volume Icon was showing 0%  ocassionally
  2. Command Prompt wasn't going full screen on high DPI displays.
  3. Account Picture using the camera issue is fixed.
  4. Size of icons in Action center is decreased slightly to maintain visibility.
  5. Wi Fi Password was not being submitted through Enter key is fixed.
  6. Start Scrollbar has been fixed  by reducing the amount of whitespace at the top of Start,

Known Issues

  1. No Build 14361 would be made available for Windows running in French Language
  2. Text prediction using the Japanese IME will freeze your PC.
  3. Navigating to the Privacy pages in Settings app will crash the Settings app and prevent you from adjusting your privacy settings. 
  4. If you click on a file download link, it will open a tab and close it without doing anything in Microsoft Edge.
  5. For certain languages, such as Chinese or Portuguese (Brazil), you will not be able to launch Start while an app is installing.
A detailed changelog is available  hereAs always the Build would be available via Windows update.
Let me know if I have missed something.........

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