Insider builds to continue after Anniversary update,confirms Microsoft

Microsoft Announced in a blog post confirming a few days ago that Anniversary update would be released on August 2 for public.The RTM build hasn't been finalized yet,but no new features are being introduced now.
However,for future,the in-charge of Windows Insider program has confirmed that post Anniversary update,the Insider builds would continue for Windows Insiders.However,as the branch changes to RS-2 after,it might take some time to get the new builds with features.
Here is a twitter post by Dona Sarkar:
@Yogesh_Rya we will definitely keep pushing builds post-anniversary update. This system seems to work pretty well.
 Also,as far as RS3 is concerned, a new report on Windows central says Redstone 3 is set to launch as early as January 2016,with the new builds being compiled in the 148xx range at Microsoft headquarters.

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