If your camera is broken by Windows 10 Anniversary update, there is a registry hack that cures it

On 2nd of August, Microsoft released the famous Anniversary update to windows 10 that brings a wide number of new features to the OS. Recently thurrott.com reported a weird issue that caused your webcam to stop working after the Anniversary update. So if you think, you are not the only one affected by this issue.
With Anniversary update, Microsoft no longer allows streaming of MPEG/H264 streams and this is where the issue lies. The reason of removal as given by MS is the future app development, If MPEG/H264 streams are used then it might result in poor quality.

This issue affects many varieties of webcams especially of Logitech.The expected fix is coming in September-might be with the patch Tuesday. Mike from the camera team has recognized this issue, which has said the same.

But if you cannot wait and want to fix it asap, then the following registry hack might work:

  • Open Registry editor by typing in regedit in run dialog box.
  • On the left pane, navigate to the following key:
HKeyLocal_Machine\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform

  • On the right pane, right click any empty area and then click New>DWORD(32/64)
  • The new key name should be EnableFrameServerMode and value should be 0.
The fix is quite handy is it affects your business and it  has worked for many users and hopefully it does it for you as well!

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