[turn off the lights available now]New extensions on the way for Microsoft Edge

With the release of Anniversary update to Windows 10, Microsoft Edge includes extensions support. For those who don't know, extensions provide more support and usability to the browser. When the Anniversary update was released, only some of the extensions were available as the software giant made the extensions development program a very closed one. The number of extensions that were available to public were very less, I suppose 5.

Ad-block plus was one of the first extensions to Edge

Things are almost the same now, but the program is expanding slowly. Microsoft is working on some more extensions, informed by Microsoft Edge development team on Twitter.

So that means 3 more extensions are on the way and more to come soon. The extensions would first roll out to Windows Insiders and then to Anniversary update build.We should expect them anytime soon as I hint the development at last stage.I expect more extensions to come soon though Microsoft hasn't made the extensions program public yet so that everyone can develop the extensions.

Update: Turn off the lights extension is now available through store now. Head over to this link to get it!

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