Microsoft working on a UWP version of Windows defender

Windows defender is an Antivirus that ships with Windows 8 and windows 10. Microsoft says that you do not need an antivirus if you use either of the OS. However, in earlier windows versions like 7 and 8, Windows defender acts as an Anti-malware, but not an Antivirus.
Personally I feel Windows defender is enough as an AV for home users, as it is lightweight and does not hog up any resources.
The UI of Windows defender is same from ages, it is same from ages or either when it was introduced. However, with the Anniversary update to Windows 10, Microsoft did add some most essential features in windows defender, like an Scanning even when a 3rd party AV is Installed, adding a context menu in files and folders etc.
Windows defender in windows 10

Now, as with UWP apps are more and more promoted by Microsoft, the software giant has started to revamp its traditional apps from desktop to UWP ones. Earlier, Paint was predicted to be overhauled,  and now thanks to an article from winbeta, the next one to update to UWP is windows defender.
A source Marvin, has confirmed the same, with the design being shown as clean and rightly filled into the system. The picture shows windows defender in light theme, with additional options put into hamburger options on the left which is a little lower.defender-1050x598 Microsoft working on a UWP version of Windows Defender
This overhaul probably would be coming with the creator's update due spring 2017.

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