Windows 10 growth drops for the first time, Windows 7 gains a bit

It is October 3 and new statistics by Netmarket share are available. With the free upgrade offer ending in late July, Windows 10 isn't free for the masses which means people would have to pay for the upgrades.
In the time of free OS, Windows 10 is the only OS that isn't free. An interesting article on Zdnet describes the same, but we will discuss it some other day.
Windows 10 share in October has seen a drop for the first time in history, the share being dropped from 22.99 percent to 22.53 percent. One of the biggest reason of it being, the ending of the free upgrade offer. That said, seeing the share of the market it could be a big setback for Microsoft's goal of attaining one billion devices by 2018.

Forced upgrades?

A new question that arises here as well is, Was the forced upgrade a reason for Windows 10's steady growth during the free offer?
 The answer would be cleared later on, but let us first have a look at the share:

 There can be plenty of reasons for share drop. One of the reasons which might be a cause of it was  people downgraded/factory restored to Windows 7/8.1 when they saw Anniversary update being a bit buggy.

Windows 7 

As far as Windows 7 is concerned, It continues to be number one surviving the free upgrade offer and got a little increase in share in November.Windows 7 improved last month from 47.25 percent to 48.27 percent.The next months statistics would be quite interesting to see.

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