Windows 10 version 1607 is the most secure version of Windows 10, says Microsoft

Ransomware is a new malware threat to the computers that not only does pose a threat to files, but also costs you if you want to recover from it.
With Windows 10, Microsoft promises a greater advanced security and as the editions like v1507 and 1511 are progressing, Windows 10

Microsoft has published a new white paper called Ransomware Protection in Windows 10 Anniversary Update that details how the latest Windows 10 version helps to protect all of its customers, from consumers to businesses. Also in a separate blog post, Microsoft details about the what they are doing and what are the preventive measures with version 1607 as far as ransom-ware security is concerned.

What is Microsoft doing 

  • Six of the top 10 ransomware threats use browser, or browser-plugin-related exploits, so they have made it harder for malware authors to exploit Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.
  • Increased detection and blocking capability in the  email services, increasing the number of ransomware-related attachments being blocked.
  • Added new technology to Windows Defender to reduce detection time to seconds, increasing the ability to respond before the infection can occur.
  • Released Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection which can be combined with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to make it easier for companies to investigate and respond to ransomware attacks.

Prevention and detection-What has been done

  • Browser hardening. Microsoft Edge runs Adobe Flash Player in an isolated container, and Edge exploits cannot execute other applications. “These improvements block malware from silently downloading and executing additional payloads on customers’ systems,” Microsoft says.
  • Windows Defender improvements. The Windows Defender signature delivery channel works faster than before so that the in-box anti-virus and antimalware solution can help block ransomware, both in the cloud and on the client. Additionally, Windows Defender responds to new threats faster using improved cloud protection and automatic sample submission features, plus improved behavioral heuristics aimed at detecting ransomware-related activities.
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. This new service helps business customers respond to attacks by alerting the security team, identify any damage caused, and understand where it might be moving next. It can also work with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to provide a more holistic view of what is attacking the enterprise.
To protect the customers from this new threat, the software giant advises updating to Windows 10 v1607 and follow a comprehensive backup strategy as mentioned here.

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