With a new feature, Microsoft promises Windows updates to be more smaller than earlier

From a very long ago, MS has been listening to feedback on windows updates in windows 10 and is promising action on that. Looks like the software giant is now acting on that which is proved by significant changes to Windows update model released yesterday.

With the release of Windows 10 mobile build 14959, Microsoft has introduced a new update delivery platform which it is calling Unified update platform. With UUP, the Windows update downloads only that part of the OS that has been changed.from the previous update. Contrast to earlier, with a new build the whole of the Installation media was downloaded and a virtual repair Install or an In-Place upgrade would be carried out.

This is expected to go live with the creator's update due early 2017 to the masses. The latest build 14959 for mobile is released with this delivery model and PC is expected to follow up soon.

UUP would only be available for PC and smartphones, not for Xbox as Microsoft doesn't roll updates through windows update.
The size of Windows updates can go down as much as 35 percent, the software giant explained in a blog post. Also, Microsoft is trying to make checking for updates more efficient by reducing the data sent to the client+ decreasing the processing at the client end.

As UUP has still debuted and is currently in beta, more changes and enhancements are expected before it goes live in 2017. A welcome change by Microsoft.

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