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Windows 10 version 1507 aka RTM to stop getting updates after March 26

Windows 10 is based on Windows as a service where the OS is continually developed and serviced. Each new version is released after every 6 months around with new features.
The earlier policy of Microsoft was to Introduce a service Pack-as in case of Windows 7 after some years and after 1 or 2 service packs, the OS was dumped. This was not the case for Windows 10 as each service model wasn’t called a service pack-it was called a feature upgrade.
The first model of Windows 10 was called version 1507, released in July 2015. After that two feature upgrades have been released for the OS widely called the November update(1511, November 2015) and Anniversary update(August 2016).
Microsoft life cycle fact sheet states that the July 2015 release of Windows 10 expires in 2025:
Windows 10, released in July 2015**  N/A  October 13, 2020  October 14, 2025

But Microsoft disagrees for the same-as recently they said that version 1507 would not receive any security updates as accordingly the 18 month policy for Service pack release. Now, Microsoft plans to service only 2 feature upgrades at a time for the current branch and current branch for business.
A new 60 day grace period would be given to upgrade your systems to the next stable upgrade. For version 1507, the grace period starts on January 26 2017 so that the users must upgrade your systems by 26 March 2017.

Version 1511 to be next to go out

According to this 60 day policy, as soon as a new service upgrade is available the 2nd old feature upgrade expires after 60 days. So when creator’s update is released, Version 1511 would no longer be serviced after 60 days of release.

What are my options?

The best option-if you are running 1511 or 1507 is to immediately upgrade to Anniversary update called version 1607.Here are the steps if you want to upgrade:

Upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary update manually if you are having troubles with Windows update

If you are holding up due to bugs in the Anniversary update, you can try Installing it again and run Windows update as soon as you get to the desktop. Lots of bugs have been fixed after the initial release.
Sometimes major bugs are also fixed by doing a repair Install and resetting PC as well.
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