Microsoft extends support for Threshold 1 build of Windows 10

A while ago we told you that Microsoft is stopping all the updates for Windows 10 RTM, i.e. TH1 version 1507. The reason given on this move was pretty clear-Microsoft treats Windows 10 editions as a service pack.
Windows 10 RTM was released in July 2015, and the official Microsoft policy on service pack has a 1.5 year criteria. Means Windows 10 RTM should have stopped getting updates around January this year, but as I said here, the software giant gave a 2 month grace period for the users to upgrade their systems. The future plan of MS is to introduce 1 build and simultaneously retire the previous to previous one, but this is not the case for TH1.

Microsoft has extended the date for TH1 support quietly as they have recently updated a Technet blog post. The following is a snip of what has Microsoft said now:
“With the availability of Windows 10, version 1607 to the VLSC on January 26th, the grace period for Windows 10, version 1507 will begin. That means, after May 2017, Windows 10, version 1507 will no longer be serviced as only the two most Current Branch for Business (CBB) versions are actively serviced,” Microsoft’s blog post now reads (note that the March target was modified to “May.”)

They quietly changed March to May, which might be possibly linked to Postpone of Feburary updates . The quantity of people running TH1 is still unknown, but Microsoft wants to give users at least 1 more chance.

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