Microsoft Build Conference- Day 2 highlights

Microsoft is holding its annual conference Build from May 10 to May 12. While Day 1 had a focus on Cloud, Day 2 was very big as far as Windows is concerned. Microsoft made a lot of announcements and we present here highlights of it:

Fluent Design Language

Microsoft on Build 2 showed what is the future of Windows. Terry Meyerson, in the context of this announced development of Windows using new design Language called Fluent. You can read more about it here.
Fluent is starting to come from RS2 and would come more in future versions of OS like RS3, RS4 etc.

Itunes is coming to Windows store

Microsoft recently announced Windows 10 S, the version of Operating system which runs apps from Windows store only. Itunes is neccessary for file transfers between Iphone and Computers- so apple IPhone users would not be able to use Windows 10 S. Microsoft understood this and has made an important announcement that Itunes is coming to Windows store. This is a major breakthrough as far as Apple lovers are concerned.

Ubunbutu is coming to Store

 Microsoft announced that Ubuntu is coming to Store and that Suse and Fedora are coming to the WSL. Terry Myerson displayed on stage that with Ubuntu in the Windows Store, Microsoft will simplify and make it easier for all developers to use a command line utilities and have the proper tools to run and develop Windows and Linux apps side by side in a virtual environment. Microsoft wants Windows to be the most productive development environment. 

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