[Believe me] Microsoft Edge is coming to Android and iOS

With Windows 10 release in 2015, Microsoft introduced a new browser Microsoft Edge and  dumped its twenty-year-old browser Internet Explorer. The software giant had a lot of ambitions with this browser-the first and foremost being the most used browser in some years. For those who don't know, Microsoft Edge is essentially a UWP app that offers a greater degree of security and many other benefits.
 A whole new engine was developed called ChakraCore that meant the browser was developed from scratch, which has many benefits like Faster browsing with optimal usage of resources. They also showed up some tests that allege Edge is one of the fastest browsers together with the minimal use of resources against its competitors.
While the ambition of making it the most popular browser shows up not like being fulfilled in near future, but the company is continually revising its strategies so that more and more people use its browser. The latest decision of Microsoft says they are making available Edge to iOS and Android, starting today. Previously Edge was exclusive only for Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile.
A blog post by Joe Belifore explained how everything would work. For iOS, it is available from today but Android users like me need to wait. First of all you need to get into the Insider program and join Microsoft Edge Insider preview. Please note to join the Insider preview, you need to be running an Insider build. I was thrown the following error when I tried to join the waitlist on Android:
This comes in accordance with what MS said at build 2017. Microsoft is continually improving cross-device experience-as their own OS is almost dead, they need to make apps available on iOS and Android both of which have the greatest share of Mobile OS.
I would be reviewing MS Edge for Android as soon as it gets.

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