New Microcode update for Windows 10 version 1709 now available

There has been a lot of talking on Windows 10 updates, especially of version 1709 where the Patch Tuesday update of February has made USB devices attached to the computer almost unusable. USB devices mean any of Keyboard and mouse attached through USB port do not work, so it is practically impossible to use the computer. Microsoft acted on it quickly and issued a support article that is here:
USB devices may stop working after installing the February 13, 2018 update
The immediate fix was to uninstall the update in Windows RE using DISM utility which you can see above, but doing it is a bit tricky for novice users. Nevertheless, this issue would be fixed up in the March Cumulative updates.
On the other hand, if we go to Spectre/Meltdown Fiasco, the users faced a lot of trouble especially those using AMD based systems. The troubles for Intel-based systems were no less-Unexpected Reboots, BSODs, update failing etc. Seeing this, Intel advised the OEMs to stop distributing Microcode aka BIOS updates till they fix it and looks like they have fixed.
But there is a catch this time-Instead of OEMs, the microcode update is being delivered by Microsoft update to fix the vulnerability. Microsoft has covered the largest section as per now, delivering the update to all of Skylake and Haswell codenamed CPUs. This comes up with the name of Intel Microcode update KB4090007. The support page for this update is as under:
KB4090007: Intel microcode updates

As these are being delivered through Windows update so I expect them to be more stable. For other versions like 1703 or 1607, I am not sure when it would come but I would notify whenever it is available.
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